WISEcivil has a strong interest in the scientific research, exploring many fields of civil engineering.
Obtained results, that we believe to be very promising, are gathered in papers and sent for publication to international scientific journals.

During the year 2015/2016, several papers have been published and are available for online access via subscription to the elecronic journals or for Academic use.

Here we present the first of these papers.

RC beams strengthened in shear using the Embedded Through-Section technique: Experimental results and analytical formulation.

Composites Part B Engineering · November 2015

Matteo Breveglieri, PhD ; Alessandra Aprile, Phd (UNIFE) ; Joaquim A.O. Barros, PhD (UMINHO).

The Embedded Through-Section (ETS) is a recent strengthening technique that has been developed to retrofit existing reinforced concrete (RC) elements with shear reinforcement deficiencies. This technique is based on the execution of holes drilled through the element cross section, in which steel or fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) bars are inserted and bonded to the surrounding concrete with an epoxy adhesive.
An experimental program was carried out with RC T-cross section beams strengthened in shear using steel ETS bars. The influence of the inclination and shear strengthening ratio of ETS on the shear strengthening efficiency was evaluated, as well as the interaction of ETS bars with existing steel stirrups.
Two different analytical models are presented in this paper in order to calculate the contribution of ETS to shear resistance. The first model follows an empirical approach (experimentally-based approach), while the second model takes into account the physical and mechanical principles of the technique (mechanically-based approach). The predictive performance of both models is assessed by using experimental results available in literature.

The full paper can be downloaded at this link.

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